Five easy ways to prepare to for your professional headshot…

So you’ve booked your professional headshot session but now what? Check out my top tips on how to best prepare for your portrait.


Make sure to prepare for your professional headshot session ahead of time – don’t go out on a bender the night before, stay hydrated and stay away from food that you know makes our skin break out (my enemy is greasy food and chocolate!)


Plan your outfit for your portrait – Think of the pieces of clothing you own that really makes you, YOU! Block colour is best and not distracting from your beautiful wee face. Think too of your complexion and what colours really make your complexion or eyes pop!


Take a moment to literally look at yourself in the mirror and figure out, do you have a preferred side, is there a certain thing you do that makes your face that much more appealing so you make the most of your photoshoot. Also a good time to practice posture.


Chill out about your headshot photoshoot – your photographer wants to create the best images of you and often can’t achieve that if your tense. So breeeaath …..

And last of all have fun!

If you haven’t yet booked your headshot session you can check out my full range of services here or get in touch here.

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Five easy ways to prepare for a professional headshot session

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