Journalist Headshot | Siobhán Fenton

I’m excited to share my second journalist headshot session. This time with Siobhán who is a writer and freelance journalist. She writes incredible pieces on social justice issues and has been published on some of the biggest platforms in media. To read her latest work check out:

Freelance Headshot Photography

For Siobhán’s session, we took a short walk around Botanic Gardens, Belfast. It was a grey day but I love that the flat light provided a consistent look throughout the batch of images. It also and added that little bit of somber-ness to the shoot which was needed as Siobhan’s subject matter is often quite hard hitting. That said I did we did have a giggle and I had so much fun photographing Siobhán. If you are a freelance writer and in need of a new headshot feel free to get in touch.

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Journalist Headshot | Siobhan Fenton

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